Support the rising star

A holistic approach to development is key to building a great artist to last. This service will help you thrive in the industry whilst retaining a solid sense of self. Areas addressed center around identity and resilience.

Engaging in a well-being service for new artists, some areas explored:


Internal psychological processes


Anxiety & depression for young people


Mental health & well-being

Artist development

Disabilities & learning difficulties

Established Artists

Holistic Support & Maintenance

Engaging in a well-being service to reconnect and rebalance your artist-self and innate persona.

A person-centred wellbeing service for artists can address many aspects of your career and prevent psychological distresses that accompany the demands of the business. The small list below embodies some aspects for attention:

Spiritual Resilience

The core self

Identity Realignment

Mental health

Anxieties & depression

Coping Mechanisms

Balancing personal and public life

Coach & Counselling


£350 = per session

£1500 = 6 week sessions

£2750 = 3 month sessions

£11,700 = 12 month sessions